My name is Isabelle. I’m 27 years old, and I’ve lived in London almost my entire life. Apart from brief stints away for university (oh Manchester, is wonderful), exchange programmes (Boston, Massachusetts), and secondments with work (so far, 6 months in Sydney, Australia), and of course the odd holiday.

I was born in Camberwell, and shortly afterward my parents moved our young family out to the suburbs. I spent my teenage years messing around in Zone 6 and taking full advantage of the brilliant public transport links that took me up to the bright lights of the big smoke. That’s when the love affair really began. Since then, I’ve lived in Waterloo and Hoxton and now I’m in SE zone 2.

People often say to me that London is inaccessible and unfriendly. That it’s expensive and touristy. That there is no community here. Everyone has an opinion on London – love or hate. And, as a native, I find all of this quite troubling. London is an amazing place, and yes I might be biased because I’ve grown up here, but there’s a wealth of words out there dedicated to how to make the most and get the best out of this wonderful city.

So I thought I’d add mine to the melting pot. Homage to my city, and how I love it so.

Instagram: @cosmopolondon