Mamma Dough

by isabelleldn

“Proper” pizza is all over London. From Pizza Pilgrims to Franco Manca, there are numerous claims to the best pizza this side of Italy. I think when it comes to pizza, it all hinges on your personal preference. What is your favoured ratio of cheese to tomato? How innovative should the toppings be? And, importantly, how thick and fluffy is the dough?


My preferences are for as thin and crisp a base as possible, with more tomato than cheese. I honed in on this when in Naples, and now I’m convinced this is the authentic Italian way and won’t be told otherwise. Thus, my pick for the best pizza in London is Mamma Dough. It also happens to be extremely close to my flat – the best pizza in London in walking distance? It’s just meant to be.


Mamma Dough Honor Oak

Not a pineapple in sight, the Honor Oak branch of Mamma Dough is a stone’s throw from the station in what looks like an old bank – big windows, cavernous ceilings, columns. The menu is small and, importantly, cheap. Pizza shouldn’t be expensive – it’s simple to make and source.


Mamma Dough’s buffalo magherita

My go to is the buffalo margherita – I like to keep it uncomplicated – but I’ve sampled a slice of the devil, the john o’goat and the beatrice, and they were all extremely tasty too.


The devil

The sourdough base is so light and crisp – absolutely perfect for me – and you won’t feel at all bloated or heavy afterwards. Which is exactly how pizza should be. No food comas here. Keep an eye out for the specials board, including the guest wines. I’m no doubt about to become a regular.