Ruby’s Cafe, NYC

by isabelleldn

Cosmopolondon has been on a little hiatus for a while after an amazing trip to the United States of America. The USA fancies itself the undisputed champion of good breakfasts, so watch this space for the American breakfast chronicles. One restaurant though, warrants a post of its own, so this week Ruby’s Cafe of New York City is the special guest star.


Ruby’s is actually an Australian enterprise which started in Soho and recently opened a branch in Murray Hill on 3rd Ave (not far from Midtown where we were staying). We ventured out on a Sunday morning and found the restaurant with a gaggle of people outside. We put our names down and were told there would be about a 30 minute wait.


We popped a couple of doors down to Birch Coffee for an iced chai latte to pass the time – America does iced drinks so well! Once our table was ready, inside we found the cafe is noisy and bustling (the music might actually be a little too loud for a Sunday morning, but hey, this is the city that never sleeps) but light and airy with plenty of trendy touches, such as succulents on the table and juices served in Ruby’s-branded bottles.


Green eggs bowl – soft scrambled eggs, spinach, kale, avocado, salsa verde and courgette with a side of smoked salmon and eight grain toast

After two weeks of indulgent American breakfasts (homefries, pancakes, waffles galore!) I was delighted to find some healthier options on the menu – what would you expect from an Australian-inspired outfit in NYC?! I went for the green eggs bowl with added smoked salmon, and my travelling companion had the breakfast bowl (poached egg, salmon, brown rice, greens, tomato and avocado). It was definitely my favourite breakfast of the trip, and one I’ll be trying to recreate at home in SE London!