by isabelleldn


I’ve said before that (in culinary terms) there’s little that pleases me more than a good steak. And recently in London, the words “good steak” have been synonymous with Hawksmoor. It began in Spitalfields, and now has several branches across London. My family went to the Air Street (Piccadilly) restaurant, which has an art deco air. I was tremendously excited!


Potted smoked mackerel

To start, I had the potted smoked mackerel, which came with a side of melba toast and dressed cucumber. I think my brother won though, having the potted beef and bacon which is served with two enormous yorkshire puddings. Don’t know how you could have room for a steak after that! Our party also sampled the beetroot and hazelnut salad (which didn’t have enough nuts, so Mum asked for more!) and the Brixham crab on toast.


Excellent fillet steak, with creamed spinach and salad

You can’t come to Hawksmoor and not have steak. Well, actually, you can. There’s also a bountiful seafood selection. But we all had the steak. Obviously. You can share a large cut (see the blackboard or ask your helpful hipster waiter for details of what cuts in what weights the restaurant has available that day). I went for the 300g fillet, and it was heaven. Teamed with creamed spinach – the best I’ve had – and lettuce & herb salad. We also had some of the beef dripping fries (thin!) and triple cooked chips (thick!) for the table.


Ricotta cheesecake with Haygrove cherries

You’d think after all that food you might not have room for dessert. But you do… my goodness you must! The winner is the ricotta cheesecake for the berry explosion that accompanies it.

It’s only been a few weeks and I’m dying to go back. Not cheap, mind, so probably best kept for special occasions!