by isabelleldn

Yauatcha is an international outfit with restaurants in London, India and the USA. Comprised of a cocktail bar, patisserie and dim sum restaurant, if you’re not looking for the Soho branch you could be forgiven for missing it – unless you happen to notice to delectable macarons and chocolates in the display case, that is!


Inside, there’s a multitude of hosts waiting to greet you and take you to your table. The tables and chairs are surprisingly low. The interior is crisp and clean, and there’s a giant fishtank along one wall filled with tropical fish. There’s also more tables in the basement which is a darker, more glamourous affair than the ground floor.

I met a friend at Yauatcha Soho for an early dinner before heading onto the cinema. We started off with cocktails: mine was the non-alcoholic Tokyo Cooler which was super light and refreshing, and my companion went for the bellini which was bright pink and topped with raspberries.

Venison puffs; wild mushroom dumplings

If you’re going for dim sum, I’d recommend getting 5 plates between you and see how you go. There’s 3 or 4 pieces of dim sum on each dish. We went for the wild mushroom dumplings, chicken cheung fung, chicken shanghai dumplings, the venison puffs and roasted duck and pumpkin puffs.


Roasted duck pumpkin puff with pinenut

My favourites were definitely the venison puffs (an absolutely MUST HAVE) and the roasted duck and pinenut puffs (they look like cute little pumpkins!). Next time, I will definitely be sure to try some of the seafood dumplings as well. We finished off with a couple of macarons (lavender and praline) and chocolates. Yauatcha also have a branch in the City – I could certainly go for some late night dim sum after a hard day’s work!