Flat Iron

by isabelleldn

When you/your friends are on a no carb no sugar diet, there’s really only one thing for it. A big juicy steak. Sorry to all the vegetarians out there, but during lent I sure missed good steak – perfectly pink in the middle with not too much fat.


Steak… voila

Flat Iron is all about the steak, and for the standard price of £10 you get a very generous cut of meat cooked to your preference. I can’t think of anywhere else in London that does such good steak at such a reasonable price.

The sides change with the season – we went for asparagus and aubergine baked in tomato, both of which were extremely good. All the sides, and all the wines for that matter, are chosen to go with steak so you really can’t go wrong here. I didn’t bother taking pictures of those though, because it’s all about the steak.


We went to the Denmark Street restaurant, and arrived just after 18.30 in the hope we wouldn’t have to wait too long. Despite it being a Tuesday night, we were very wrong and told there was an hour and a half wait for a table. We shrugged this off and washed down the wait with some wine at a bar around the corner. It’s worth the wait (although note that you can’t put your name down unless your whole party is present).