Masala Wala

by isabelleldn

Masala Wala is a teeny tiny cafe in Brockley Cross serving up impeccable Pakistani cuisine. Winner of Brockley Central‘s Best Newcomer 2015, they keep it simple. The menu changes monthly, and offers you a choice of four main dishes. In April, there are two vegetarian and two meat options. Then pick your sides – don’t miss out on the incredibly light and fluffy rice or the homemade rotis.


We opted for the Kaali Dal (lentils) and the Murghi Curry – on the bone chicken pieces cooked to perfection til it’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The portions are generous – especially the lentils which we couldn’t finish. This place is no fuss; there’s nothing pretentious or gentrified about it. But it’s also charming, chipper and pretty cheap, and the staff are lovely.

I’m chuffed to have this place just a short walk away, and it’s yet another reason not to dismiss South / South East London. A couple of things to note: (at the moment) it’s cash only, and bring your own booze. They also do takeaways. Hooray.