by isabelleldn

I’m not the most well travelled person – there’s so much of the world I haven’t seen yet, that I want to see – my wanderlust list continues to grow exponentially with each passing day. But, of those places I have been, I can say that I haven’t had Indian food that’s a patch on what I’ve had in the UK. I haven’t been to India yet, and I’m sure a trip there would change everything, but, until then, I’m pretty content with what’s on offer here.


Asian fusion is nothing new, but Indian fusion in particular seems to be having a bit of a moment. And, despite the burgeouning market, one (for the moment) stands above the rest – Dishoom. I’ve been to two of their restaurants – Covent Garden and Shoreditch – for dinner and brunch respectively. The food is delicious and the restaurants themselves are somehow glamorous yet uncomplicated.

You can’t make a reservation after 18.00 unless you’re a big group, so if you’re going to dinner, be prepared to wait. On a Monday night at 19.00, my group waited almost 2 hours for a table (despite being told it would be an hour and 40 minutes… if it’s going to be that long in the first place, at least be conservative with your guesstimating…)  – do not underestimate the popularity of this place. That said, the cocktails are good and, when you are seated and ordered, the food comes thick and fast.


Mahi tikka, Black House Daal and a bowl of greens

At dinner time, be sure not to miss the Black House Daal – a signature dish and perfect accompaniment to literally everything else on the menu. I also had the Mahi Tikka as I wanted to try something simple as a point of comparison. I have to say, it wasn’t especially remarkable, but that’s not to suggest it wasn’t good. Next time, I’m definitely going to have some paneer – excellent by all accounts.


Kejriwal – two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast

Brunch is an adventurous affair – the bacon naan rolls are infamous and for good reason. Beware the tomato chilli jam though – this is an inspired twist on ketchup, but somewhat sweet and thus an acquired taste. I wasn’t convinced how well it went with the egg naan.

I had the Bombay Omelette was very filling and wholesome, and a little bit spicy. There’s so much on offer on this brunch menu though – I wanted to try virtually everything on the menu. The approach of taking simple dishes (omelette, eggs on cheese on toast, a bacon sandwich) and doing something special with it makes for an experimental yet familiar brunch experience.


Bombay Omelette served with fire toast and grilled tomatoes (and a side of sausage…)

Wash it all down with some of Dishoom’s signature chai tea – perfectly sweet without being overpowering, warming and comforting on a chilly morning. Not to be missed.