Granger & Co

by isabelleldn

Whilst living in Sydney, I sampled many a brunch. I’m not very hard to please when it comes to brunch – poached eggs, sourdough toast, grilled tomatoes and wilted spinach hits the spot almost every time. Sometimes I might go for an Eggs Florentine, or some kind of baked eggs or hash dish. However, I reserve scrambled eggs for when I’m feeling particularly indulgent, as I’m in no doubt that to creating perfectly scrumptious scrambled eggs involves heaps of butter.

When I visited Bills in Sydney, I had the ricotta hotcakes with banana. It was only later that I found out Bill Granger restaurants are hailed as making the best scrambled eggs in the world. The New York Times dubbed Granger “the egg master of Sydney”, making scrambled eggs “as light as the breath of an angel”. How could I have missed this?!

So, naturally, on discovering there are several Bill Granger outpost restaurants in London (known here as Granger & Co), I had to go again. I took along my fellow antipodean brunch devotee, and prepared myself for something special.


Granger & Co in Clerkenwell is clean and bright – if you’re feeling a bit drowsy or begining to wish you hadn’t bothered to get out of bed early on the weekend (breakfast is only served until 12pm), the large light echoing space of this restaurant will surely help blow the cobwebs away.


Ricotta hotcakes with bananas and honeycomb butter

If you’ve ever met an Australian, they’ve probably told you that Australians do the best coffee in the world. Australia is a veritable nation of coffee snobs – barely a Starbucks in sight (I think I saw one in the whole of Sydney) – and I was dutifully informed by my Aussie date that Granger & Co’s coffee is some of the best she’s had in London. No surprises there, then. She accompanied the coffee with the ricotta hotcakes, which are somehow so much better than just normal pancakes.

It’s impossibly hard to choose what to have from such an interesting menu, but I’d come to Granger & Co for scrambled eggs, and I was sticking to my decision. I chose avocado, wild greens and roast tomato as trusty sidekicks. When the eggs came, they looked more like a mousse – so light and fluffy – and having looked up Bill Granger’s scrambled eggs recipe, I’m sure this is because of the heaps of cream added to them, which somewhat reduces the flavour of the eggs. It’s a hugely generous portion, I didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day.


Scrambled eggs and sourdough toast, with a sampling of fresh avocado, wild greens and roast tomato sides

So, are these the best scrambled eggs in the world? I haven’t had all the scrambled eggs in London, let alone the whole world, so I can’t possibly judge. But they were pretty damn good.