Brockley Mess

by isabelleldn

The Brockley Mess on Brockley Road is a cafe come gallery. It’s got a very wide menu at all times of day which caters for the trendy Brockley crowd. Not sure about the trendy part, but I can definitely count myself among said crowd since moving into the area, and I was eager to try the cafes and restaurants in the area that make it such an interesting and sought after place to live.

My first visit was a weekday lunch, actually only two days after moving into the area. It wasn’t too busy – we had no problem getting a table – and the staff were really attentive and lovely. The portions are so generous – I had a jacket potato with an absolute mountain of cheese, and my Mum had the welsh rarebit.

Fast foward to the weekend and it’s a somewhat different story – it’s very busy and you’ll have to wait for a table. This place is almost a victim of it’s own success; I think they must have quite a small kitchen and staff, which means that it felt a bit overwhelmed for weekend brunch. That’s also a drawback of having such a generous menu offering.


The veggie breakfast – vegetarian sausage, halloumi, roast tomato, mushrooms and toast

It took a while for us to be given menus (we actually tried to fetch them ourselves in the end), and by the time the food had arrived it had been the best part of an hour. Nonetheless, the veggie breakfast that I ordered was very generous – the halloumi was particularly good – but I think you only get one egg whereas I’d always expect two (I can’t be certain though as mine were scrambled which makes it hard to tell). Not sure about homous with breakfast though…

I will definitely return because I want to suppot the local businesses in my area, and the food has always been really good. I’m also interested to see how the gallery part of the space pans out, as it was under refurbishment when I visited. No doubt this place will settle in to it’s success and flourish.