London Grind

by isabelleldn


The Grind franchise has a number of locations across London. I first came across it when living in Hoxton – the Shoreditch Grind is on the Old Street roundabout. A similarity between that restaurant and the one I have more recently visited is that they are both very small, intimate little venues, with a few tables crammed in. The London Grind is on London Bridge – like, actually on the bridge. It’s relatively inconspicuous as well, notwithstanding the neon red signage.


Burrata, pickled candy beetroot and rocket

I’ve been to the London Grind for both dinner and breakfast. They are known for their espresso martinis, which I would definitely recommend sampling. The neon red lighting features continue inside (which means all my pictures are tinged rose!) and it’s a busy, buzzing atmosphere. Reservations are most definitely required as it’s very popular.


Duck breast with pear salad and greens

For my dinner visit, I had a duck dish which was very tasty – annoyingly I forgot to take a picture of the menu, so I can’t remember what the garnish was but I do remember it was some kind of cooked pears and greens. My dining companions had the burrata with pickled candy beetroot (which has since fuelled an obsession with burrata because it was that good), and the spatchcock chicken. Don’t ask me what spatchcock means.


However, I was somewhat more excited by the breakfast menu. Going for breakfast before a day in the office is such a great idea – it puts me in the best mood because I feel like I’ve already made something of the day and done something I love.


Smashed avocado with chilli and feta cheese on toast

My colleagues who joined me for breakfast both plumped for avocado on toast – one garnished with the traditional poached eggs, and the other feta cheese.

I’m developing a bit of a penchant for baked eggs, and fancied something filling to set me up for a busy day at work, so I went for the one-pan eggs with spinach, tomato, beans and pistachio. This was really delicious – the pistachios were an inspired addition. Since it’s so close to my office, I’m sure I’ll be returning here for breakfast, and next time I’d definitely like to try the raw breakfast salad.


One-pan eggs with tomato, spinach, beans and pistachios, with toast

Fun fact – they have Italian lesson tapes playing in the loo, so you can pick up some light conversation in a foreign language whilst you’re there!


Truer words were never spoken…