by isabelleldn

Post-birthday brunch at Kopapa, I had made the mistake of assuming the English summer weather would hold out for me and I could watch the afternoon go by sipping sangria on a rooftop somewhere overlooking London. On this particular Sunday, all the trains were running like clockwork, and I guess it was too much to ask that the weather stay sunny and glorious for us too (although, annoyingly, it had been beautiful all week whilst I’d been stuck at the office).


Vista at The Trafalgar was my chosen rooftop. Trafalgar Square has always been special to me (see my previous post), and I’d wanted to go to Vista since seeing it on a certain staged-reality TV show which shall not be named (mainly for my reputation’s sake… it was several years ago, in my defence).


The Vista rooftop is quite large, with some more private sections as well as a bigger communal deck. The edges of the deck which directly overlook Trafalgar Square and offer panoramic views of Horseguard’s Parade to Westminster are lined with high stools so you can sit and watch the hustle and bustle below whilst enjoying a drink. There are also larger tables with comfortable cushioned chairs, which is where we were placed. Myself and 6 friends opted to share the sangria – the drinks are expensive here, but I guess you can’t expect anything less at such a prime location.

IMG_4976Rain rain go away, come again another day…

We had a good few hours sipping sangria and pretending the sky wasn’t so ominously grey, but eventually the heavens opened and, despite persisting under umbrellas, we were asked to move to the ground level bar (bye bye views) when the rain didn’t ease up. The lifts are a psychadelic experience with rainbow-spectrum neon lights and patterned mirrors on all surfaces. We were given a nice table in the middle of the bar downstairs (although I don’t know what would have happened had it been busier) and proceeded to get raucously drunk for a Sunday. The perfect end to a wonderful birthday celebration… and even if I can’t remember the last couple of hours, it was pretty exciting to get up close and personal with Lord Nelly!

IMG_4986Photo credit: Amy O’Donnell