by isabelleldn


Based on my dining habits exhibited so far in this blog, I think it’s probably pretty obvious how I chose to celebrate my birthday. It’s not a birthday without brunch! From my long list of brunches to try, I selected Kopapa in Covent Garden. Obviously this was a momentous occasion – a girl only turns 25 once – but I picked Kopapa because of its eclectic, wide-ranging menu and great location on Monmouth Street, being just a short walk from numerous bars and pubs which we could pour ourselves into once our one and half hour slot was up. This was my only annoyance – I think two hours would have been more generous.

When we arrived we were shown to a long table in the middle of the small restaurant which has an interesting design – it’s modern and glassy but has some very left field pieces of art on the walls which don’t quite fit the decor. I was immediately impressed when they not only supplied us with the brunch menu but also the cocktail menu which is of course essential to any good brunch experience.

IMG_4948Kopapa fry up with bacon, sauteed buttered field mushrooms, slow-roasted tomatoes and scrambled eggs

Completely spoilt for choice, I could at least rest assured that my 9 oldest friends who had joined me would sample the majority of the menu. I started with an apple juice- and prosecco-based cocktail which was refreshing and made a change from the usual bellini. I then opted for the Kopapa bacon fry up, which came with giant mushrooms and slow-roasted tomatoes which were so juicy and delicious.

IMG_4947Chorizo hash with fried eggs, sriracha chilli sauce, crispy shallots and rocket

Other dishes sampled included some of the more original offerings, including the chorizo hash, the Turkish eggs (the winner amongst my friends, I think), and Kopapa’s take on an Eggs Benedict/Florentine which features poached rather than smoked salmon.

IMG_4946Kopapa’s hot-smoked salmon with spinach, poached eggs and yuzu hollandaise

IMG_4952Turkish eggs with whipped yogurt, hot chilli butter and avocado on the side

After we had finished eating, my lovely friends spoilt me with one of the freshly baked doughnuts adorned with a candle and thoroughly embarrassed me by singing Happy Birthday – the large table of Italians next to us heartily joined in too. The doughnut was so good – I highly recommend if you’re after a guilty sweet to finish off your brunch (although probably too much for just one person).

The bill was promptly placed in front of us once our time slot was up, but I guess we were pre-warned of that. For central London, I don’t think the brunch on offer is particularly expensive – especially considering the exceptional and adventurous nature of some of the dishes. Simple poached eggs on toast this is not (although you can have that if you want…)